Public invited to attend virtual event to hear independent analysis of mental health consultation feedback

Following a public consultation earlier this year, the people of Somerset are being invited to attend a virtual event at which the independent analysis of the consultation feedback will be presented.

At the start of this year, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group ran a 12 week consultation on a proposal to move adult mental health beds from St Andrews Ward in Wells to Yeovil  Over the 12 weeks 63 consultation events were held which were attended by 732 people. 538 responses were received to the consultation survey.

All the feedback from the consultation has been independent analysed by Participate Ltd and their report has been published today on the Fit for My Future website

The Live Event will take place on Wednesday 02 September at 7pm. Click on the link at 7pm to join:

 The findings will be presented by Andrew Keefe, deputy director of commissioning for mental health, autism and learning disabilities, and Dr Peter Bagshaw, GP and clinical lead for mental health and dementia.

Andrew explains:

“We believe it’s really important that we openly and honestly give the people of Somerset the opportunity to hear what people said in response to the public consultation.

We hope that by presenting the report in a public event (albeit a socially distanced virtual event) we will be able to share the information with many more people. 

Although we would prefer to talk to people in person it’s important that we can continue sharing information in a way that reduces the risk of transmission to everyone. We have held several virtual engagement sessions with the public throughout the pandemic to hear their views on a number of issues and have found them very successful in connecting with people when face to face isn’t possible.

People who attend the event on 02 September, won’t be able to speak direct to the presenters or the host. However, there will be a Q&A function which they will be able to use. We will collate all the questions and comments and at the end of the presentation a summary will be fed back by the host along with any answers or clarification that we are able to provide.”

A decision-making business case on the proposal will be considered by Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body on 24 September. The Governing Body will make a final decision on the future configuration of acute inpatient mental health services for adults of working age.

The Governing Body meetings are currently being held virtually in line with national guidance, but anyone can attend to listen to the discussion and can raise any questions in advance through the public questions agenda.

The papers for the Governing Body meeting are posted on Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group’s website a week before the scheduled meeting. Visit:

The final decision will be published on the Fit for My Future website ( and will be widely shared.