Community services

NHS Somerset is committed to understanding the needs of the local population. This is to ensure we can continue to deliver the best possible healthcare services in Somerset.

December 2021

Engagement took place from April 2021 to October 2021.

The purpose was to develop a single vision for all thirteen community hospitals in Somerset.

The goal of the first stage of engagement was to understand what was important to people when they think about using community hospitals in the future. Then we discussed and agreed the steps we’ll take to get there. These conversations helped us write the draft vision statement and aims.

The final stage of engagement allowed people to discuss whether the vision statement and aims made sense. They looked at the words and language used and checked for any gaps. It was also important to understand how satisfied people were with the vision and aims to finalise them.

Engagement for community services ended on the 12th of April. The information below is for reference only.

We have a real opportunity to improve our community health and care services for you and your loved ones.


We invite you to join us in thinking about and shaping a new way of providing services which are, where practical, closer to where you live, supports independence and helps you maintain your own health. Your input, ideas and suggestions are vital to help us get the right services in the right place so that they are available when you need them.


Why we need to change

Our health and care services in Somerset are not currently organised in the best way to support people to live independent, healthier lives.

Our vision

The shared vision for Somerset is that people can live healthy and independent lives, within thriving communities.

Our early thinking explained

Community health and care services will be provided as close to home as practical, providing support based on individual needs to enable people to live their best life – supporting them to live well, recover well and stay well.

Talk before you walk

When you need urgent ‘same day’ help for something that is not a medical emergency but for which you need rapid support, we will make sure you have access to ‘Talk before you walk’ guidance to help you access the most appropriate service as close to home as practical. This may be at a local pharmacy, an appointment at a GP surgery or an appointment at an Urgent Treatment Centre.

Q&As Community health and care services

Q&As Community health and care services