NHS 75th Birthday - your memories

Sharing the wonderful stories you've told us about your experience of the NHS over the last 75 years

Your NHS stories over the last 75 years

This year, as we commemorate this significant anniversary, celebrating the positive impact the NHS in Somerset has had on all our lives. We can all play a role in supporting the NHS in this special birthday year.

Read the memories of those working in the NHS, volunteering, and patients. Your stories matter and we hope you enjoy reading them.

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Shona has worked in the NHS for over 25 years.

Martyn talks about his career in the NHS.

Bernie talks his career work in the NHS.

Hazel share her experience as a healthcare assistant.

Rebecca speaks about her role as a GP.

Penny praises the NHS care she received.

Shelagh shares her career experience in the NHS.

John talks about his work for the NHS.

Laura talks about her NHS patient experience.

Judith talks about why she became a nurse.

Ann worked as a nurse and midwife.

Gemma shares her NHS career experience.

Sara talks about the NHS care she received.

Julie reflects on her 30 year NHS career.

Amanda talks about her experience of NHS care.

Mat talks about being a blood donor.

Katherine talks about her job at NHS Somerset.

Patricia talks about volunteering for the NHS.

Roger talks about using NHS services.

Tina credits the NHS for saving her life.

Angela talks about what Windrush means to her.

Linda talks about her nursing career.

Serena shares her NHS care experience.

Margaret worked as a nurse in the NHS.

Dr Barua reflects on his NHS career.

Paul shares his Windrush story.

Margaret talks about her volunteering.

Rachel talks about her job as a practice manager.

Ben talks about being a physiotherapist.

Jonathan takes a look at his career in the NHS.

Kim speaks about her experience as a patient.

Peter talks about being born at the start of the NHS.

Marian worked as a nurse for over 30 years.

Helen is proud of her daughter's NHS work.

Paul thanks the NHS for all that they do.

Keith talks about the NHS care he received.

Emma shares her experience of working in the NHS.

Emma talks about why she joined the NHS.

Angela talks about her work as a nurse.

Amy share her experience as a nurse.

Sally shares her experience working as a nurse.

Christine has worked in the NHS for 40 years.

Vicky talks about working in the NHS.

John thanks the NHS for the care he received.

Jacky shares her NHS patient journey.

Julie talks about her NHS career.

Ann talks about working as a receptionist.

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