My NHS story - Christine Bevan-Davies

People have shared their wonderful memories of the NHS over the last 75 years to help celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday

Christine shares their NHS memories

Christine has worked as a nurse, starting in 1973.

When did you start?

I qualified as a State Registered Nurse at Westminster Hospital in 1973.


Why did you choose to work in the NHS?

I choose to work in the NHS because the basic nurse training may lead on to a career in the public (caring) sector. Initially I thought I may become a Health Visitor.


What do you do?

Over nearly 40 years I developed a career across a number of different roles, many of which were within Community Trusts.

Having qualified as a District Nurse I went on to represent nurses at a Primary Care Board. I also took on the role of manager at a Hospital at Home initiative before becoming a manager at Community Healthcare Clinics. This led eventually to managing complaints, litigation and incidents, then acting as Head of Clinical Governance before becoming Assistant Director of Integrated Governance and Patient Services.

As a passionate supporter and believer in the NHS I thoroughly enjoyed my hands on working to help patients as well as the sometimes challenging roles of managing staff.


What would you tell someone now who was thinking about a career in the NHS?

I would say that a career in the NHS can provide considerable continuous personal and professional development. It needs people who can hang on to the original vision and commitment to the ideals of a true National Health Service whilst at the same time adjusting to the challenges of our modern times.

A commitment to quality and integrity are essential but a career in the NHS can provide both tremendous satisfaction as well as frustration.


Describe the NHS in one word?



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