The NHS is turning 75 this year - help us to tell our Somerset Story

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In Somerset there are around 17,000 people who work for the NHS in some capacity– from the midwives who help bring new life into the world to the nurses, doctors and specialists who care for us in our time of need, from our GPs and pharmacists who are our first port of call when we are unwell, to the porters, cleaners, receptionists and the thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers who help keep everything moving.

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Our people, represented by over 200 nationalities, are the driving force and we would love to hear from you - your passion, commitment and care is what makes the NHS what it is.  We want to use this birthday as a chance to celebrate and recognise everything you do everyday.  No matter your role or whether you have now retired, you have a story to tell us and we'd love you to share it with us!

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The NHS is also supported by some amazing volunteers, who give up their time to support and care for those who need it and in so many ways are crucial to the smooth running of the NHS - we also want to hear from you - whether you have volunteered once or do so on a regular basis - we'd love to hear about what you do and why it's so important.

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Do you have a heart-warming patient story to share?

And finally we would love to hear from you - the patient.  Of course this could pretty much be any of us as there is no one that has not been cared for by the NHS at some point in their life. From the moment we are born until the end, the NHS is there to celebrate and support - no matter what we are going through.

Perhaps you were born the same year the NHS was - we'd love to celebrate your birthday alongside our own.  You might even remember your parents talking about the difference having a national healthcare system made to their lives.

Maybe you have a funny story or an emotional one about your experiences of the NHS - we would love to hear about them all.

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