Same day urgent care

NHS Somerset is reviewing our same day urgent care services in Somerset.

We want you to share your views on NHS Same Day Urgent Care in West Somerset

NHS Somerset is reviewing how urgent care is provided in West Somerset and other areas of Somerset.

We are working with Healthwatch to help us find out what people in different areas think about same day urgent care.

We are committed to understanding the local needs of the population. This is to ensure we can continue to deliver the best possible healthcare services in Somerset which meet the needs of our population both now and in the future.

As part of this work, Healthwatch Somerset asked local people to share their experiences and knowledge of urgent care services in Somerset. These insights are being developed into a report which will be shared with NHS Somerset. This will help to inform how we develop our urgent care services.

Whether you have direct experience of same day urgent care or not (perhaps you have helped a loved one, family member, or friend to get urgent care instead or are simply a member of the public with views and concerns) it doesn’t matter – every voice is important.

To provide us with the best picture possible, it is important that we heard from and listen to as many people as possible.

Healthwatch Somerset provided opportunities for people to get involved. They wanted to find out:

  • what information would you find useful?
  • how and when do you think information should be provided?
  • asking people to share their thoughts and views to help improve same day urgent care.