NHS75 at Glastonbury Festival

The NHS went to Glastonbury Festival to celebrate our 75th Birthday!

NHS celebrates 75th anniversary with the release of a new poem.

To celebrate the NHS turning an amazing 75 years old, NHS Somerset is releasing a very special film and poem written by former Bristol Poet Laureate, Miles Chambers which celebrates 75 years of the NHS. It features a performance of the poem by Miles and local Somerset NHS staff, at Glastonbury Festivals on its main Pyramid Stage on 24 June.  The poem and film are to be placed in the archives at the British Film Institute.

Joining Miles on stage to help recite the poem and represent our 1.26 million NHS staff in England were Glastonbury GP Rebecca Hall,  Ben Matthews a physiotherapist and Angela Reece, a nurse for children looked after at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

GP Rebecca Hall said "We had an absolute blast at Glastonbury Festivals. I hadn’t expected to be so moved by the wonderful poem. You could have heard a pin drop amongst the 140,000 odd crowd at the Pyramid Stage as the poem was read out and the film was played. I felt the whole crowd was with us and the loud cheers following the performance made me feel so proud to be part of the NHS. Breath-taking."

NHS Somerset 75

Read the stories of our NHS colleagues taking part

Dr Rebecca Hall, GP, Glastonbury Surgery

Ben Matthews, Physiotherapist and First Contact Practioner

Angela Reece, Children Looked After Nurse, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Miles Chambers - Poet


Miles Chambers is a leading and popular poetic cultural commentator. He is an international Performance Poet, Slam Champion, Playwright and was Bristol’s first Poet Laureate. He’s been involved in poetry and performance within TV and Radio, Corporate video, City Councils, Schools and Community organisations.

A broadcaster who has recently written and presented for the BBC series Civilisations, Miles has also been commissioned by Radio 4 and has featured in several of their programmes including Only Artist, Poetry Please and Poets in a Balloon. His poetry can be seen all over Bristol, from a video performance at M-Shed, an exhibition at We The Curious and immortalised in metal grating on the walls of the Bristol Old Vic.

People across Somerset have shared their NHS stories with us

People across Somerset - patients, colleagues and volunteers - have shared with us their special memories of the NHS over the last 75 years.