My NHS story - Amanda

People have shared their wonderful memories of the NHS over the last 75 years to help celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday

Amanda shares her NHS memories

Amanda spoke to us about her experience of the NHS.

My son has her learning disabilities and in the run up to Christmas several years ago, my son was very unwell. He was losing weight and those who knew him, knew something was wrong.

Due to an existing health condition, he saw the same paediatrician every year and when she saw him so unwell, she knew instantly that something was terribly wrong. My son was rushed into hospital and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. If it wasn’t for Dr Bravenstock, paediatrician at Musgrove Park Hospital (MPH), I believe that we’d have lost our son. They’re always amazing at Musgrove.

Amanda’s other son fell when he was 18 years old and was taken to MPH – he is non-verbal and autistic. This was extremely distressing for him, particularly staying in hospital overnight as he needed an operation. Routine is essential for him. The staff at MPH treated him with such respect and kindness and she cannot praise them enough for how they treated her son, when he needed this the most. The staff at MPH are always amazing.


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