My NHS story - Amy Rivers

People have shared their wonderful memories of the NHS over the last 75 years to help celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday

Amy shares her NHS memories

Amy Rivers shares her experience as a nurse.


When did you start?



Why did you choose to work in the NHS?

From a very young age I knew “I wanted to look after people” I always wanted to be a nurse and followed my life long desire to a career in Nursing. At 16 I started working in a nursing home, after 10 years of service, getting married and having my 2 children, I began my nurse training.


What do you do?

I feel privileged to meet people of all ages and stages of their lives, sometimes when people are at their most vulnerable and distressing times and others which are joyous and happy.

Helping people to stay well, get well and die well is very rewarding and knowing I make a difference and positive impact on every person I care for is very rewarding.


What would you tell someone now who was thinking about a career in the NHS?

It is hard work and can be stressful. It is always changing and evolving, sometimes you feel you haven’t done a good job even though you have done your best due to workload and resources. You won’t ever be rich in a financial way, but you will be rich in the knowledge you have, share and continue to learn every day, the characters you meet and knowing the difference you make daily, while working with great colleagues.


Describe the NHS in one word?


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