My NHS story - Jacky King

People have shared their wonderful memories of the NHS over the last 75 years to help celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday

Jacky shares their NHS memories

Jacky talks about the NHS care she received following a car accident.

My story begins with a devastating road traffic accident. I was airlifted to Frenchay hospital.

I was not expected to survive. The consultants, surgeons, nurses and care staff put me back together... Fixing 5 broken bones in my neck, a broken leg, ankle, wrist, 2 punctured lungs, a spinal cord injury and a degloving. It took 2 surgeons 2 hours to just sew my scalp back on.

Three months in Frenchay and I was well enough to be moved closer to home at YDH whilst decisions were made about the next stage of my recovery.

A week at YDH and I was transferred to the Alfred Morris Unit at Musgrove. I went in unable to walk or sit up, with limited speech and doubly incontinent. I went home three months later ... I walked out on crutches - with a wheelchair behind me.

Here I am nearly 20 years on and I owe my life in its broadest sense to the NHS. I am able to walk short distances, I worked until my retirement, looked after my dear partner until his death, I drive an adapted car and I'm out and about meeting friends, crafting and now am leading on WINCANTON CARES... A charity to connect people with what they need... Care, Support and Information.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who works within the NHS for saving my life and for giving it back to me.

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