Our early thinking explained

You and your family members will be able to access the right level of care for your needs within your local community, as close to home as practical. This will range from support to stay well, support to recover well or manage a long term condition, through to care and support at the end of life.

Integrated health and care teams will work together in local areas to achieve this. Teams could include GPs, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics and social workers as well as partners from the voluntary and community sector such as Somerset Community Connect, Village Agents or Health Connectors, home support from the Red Cross.


Where people need help to regain independence or additional support, care will be provided in the most appropriate place for their needs which may be support in their own home, a short stay in a residential or nursing home or a community hospital bed.

If you or a family member need help to remain or regain independence, or need a bit of extra help, a range of services will be in place to support you in the most appropriate setting as close to home as appropriate for your needs and practical for the service.

We will develop community hubs that bring together in one place a range of services including mental health, district nursing, on the day treatment for some conditions, hospital outpatient appointments, and diagnostics tests such as x-rays.