Somerset County Cricket Club staff and players Take the Pressure Off with ‘Our Somerset’ campaign

Staff and players at Somerset County Cricket Club took a proactive approach to their health by participating in a blood pressure testing initiative, as part of a partnership with NHS Somerset and Somerset Council for their new ‘Take the Pressure Off’ campaign.

Held during the club’s pre-season press day, Somerset Council’s Healthy Lifestyles team, together with Dr Tim Norbury from Taunton Vale Healthcare, carried out blood pressure checks with the 2023 squad and other staff members at the Cooper Associates County Ground. The team were also on hand to share tips and advice for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and raise awareness of the importance of knowing your numbers.

Professor Trudi Grant, Executive Director of Public and Population Health for Somerset Council and NHS Somerset, highlighted the importance of getting your blood pressure checked:

“Many people with high blood pressure experience no symptoms. That’s why it’s often called the ‘silent killer’. Early detection is crucial, as untreated high blood pressure can lead to devastating consequences such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems.

“A simple and quick test can potentially save your life. We encourage everyone, particularly those over 40, to get tested regularly and take steps to manage their blood pressure if needed.”

Jason Kerr, Head Coach at Somerset County Cricket Club, emphasised the importance of health awareness for his team:

“Maintaining peak physical condition is essential for our players’ performance. Blood pressure is a key health indicator, and we take preventive measures very seriously. Initiatives like ‘Take the Pressure Off’ are fantastic for promoting community well-being, and we’re proud to participate during our pre-season activities.”

The ‘Take the Pressure Off’ campaign encourages Somerset residents, especially those aged 40 and above, to have their blood pressure checked regularly. Early detection allows for necessary lifestyle changes or medication to be implemented, significantly reducing the risk of future health complications.

In a show of continued support for the campaign, Somerset County Cricket Club has announced that the team will return to the Cooper Associates County Ground for the first three home games of the season to offer free blood pressure checks to fans.

Remember, high blood pressure often presents no symptoms. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get tested today – it could save your life.

For more information on the ‘Take the Pressure Off’ campaign and how to get your blood pressure checked, please visit

Somerset County Cricket Club are also proud to extend their relationship with the NHS having recently partnered with Blue Light Card to offer discounts off cricket matches and music events held at the Cooper Associates County Ground in 2024. Find out more at